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Who was the leader of the Bolsheviks?
a) Lenin
b) Stalin
c) Rasputin
d) Nicholas II

What type of government did Russia have prior to 1917?
a) Dictatorship
b) Communism
c) Autocracy
d) Democracy

The mystic monk who became a close confidant of NIcholas and Alexandria
a) Rasputin
b) Trotsky
c) Kerenskey
d) Stalin

What disease did Alexei suffer from?
a) diabetes
b) cancer
c) hemophilia
d) lupus

After the revolution Russia had this type of government.
a) monarchy
b) communism
c) autocracy
d) democracy

He was in charge of the provisional government.
a) Joseph Stalin
b) Leon Trotsky
c) Nicholas II
d) Alexander Kerensky

After Lenin died he became dictator of Russia
a) Leon Trotsky
b) Joseph Stalin
c) Rasputin
d) Alexander Kerensky

Stalin's plan to have all economic production under government control within five years
a) Five Year Plan
b) Collectivization
c) Social Plan
d) Economic Plan

When the government controls all farms and peasants just work the land
a) Socialism
b) Capitalism
c) Farm control
d) Collectivization

What eventually happened to Nicholas II, Alexandria, and all their children
a) exiled
b) executed
c) set free
d) put in prison

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