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Which of these best describes an example of weather?
a) Texas has been experiencing a long term drought.
b) This summer in Texas is expected to be mild and wet.
c) East Texas generally experiences more rain than west Texas.
d) The panhandle of Texas is has the coldest temperatures on average.

All of the following would be classified as types of climate EXCEPT
a) seasonal conditions
b) annual rainfall
c) a drought
d) heat wave

Which of the processes requires absorption of solar energy?
a) Evaporation
b) Precipitation
c) Condensation
d) Run Off

Which of the following is not part of the water cycle?
a) Evaporation
b) Condensation
c) Precipitation
d) Concentration

All of the following describe weather EXCEPT
a) Measured over short term
b) Usually reported as a forecast
c) Day to day state of the atmosphere
d) Usually reported as averages

Which of these best describes climate rather than weather?
a) It rained more last spring than it usually rains in the spring.
b) Annual precipitation has decreased in Texas over the last ten years.
c) The wind changes direction when a front moves into the area.
d) The humidity increases before a storm moves through the area.

Which of the following statements concerning the water cycle is NOT correct?
a) Condensation occurs in order to form clouds.
b) Precipitation occurs when clouds release water.
c) Rain, sleet, and snow are all examples of condensation.
d) Energy from the sun is necessary to cause evaporation.

the air that surrounds the Earth; it is made of a mixture of gases
a) Atmosphere
b) climate
c) weather
d) heat

the process of water changing from a liquid to water vapor by adding heat
a) condensation
b) evaporation
c) precipitation
d) runoff

the change of water from one state to another as it moves between Earth's surfaces to the atmosphere
a) weather
b) Climate
c) Water Cycle
d) Atmosphere

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