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A close and searching look
a) scrutiny
b) gaize
c) stare
d) wander

placing in a post office or mailbox for transmission
a) waiting
b) mail man
c) posting
d) domino's

a person, especially an orator or political leader
a) homeless
b) demagogue
c) Latina
d) Allein

people of noble or high rank
a) deviation
b) tremble
c) determination
d) patricians

a stupid, insensitive person
a) villian
b) dullard
c) grotto
d) roustabout

an unskilled laborer who lives by odd jobs
a) florentine
b) bucolic
c) roustabouts
d) affront

minor judicial officers,
a) magic
b) magistrates
c) affront
d) novice

a) fortune
b) eluded
c) cultivated
d) interment

to soften or tone
a) jazz
b) pillow
c) dull
d) temper

a feeling of contempt for anything regarded as unworthy
a) sustain
b) disdain
c) equine
d) fitness

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