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The United States is divided into 12 regions, each one with:
a) A Supreme Court
b) A district court
c) A vice president
d) A military tribunal

This is a 'friend' of the Supreme Court:
a) Amicus curiae
b) Writ of Certiorari
c) E pluribus unum
d) Carpe diem

Most Supreme Court cases come:
a) As cases involving foreign nations
b) As cases involving disputes between states
c) As cases involving civil matters
d) As appeals from lower courts

This is an example of the Iron Triangle:
a) Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches
b) Federal, State, and Local government
c) Federal agency, Client group, and Congressional committee
d) Lobbyist, Congressman, and President

Civil servants who work for the federal government are:
a) Lobbyists
b) Bureaucrats
c) Political party bosses
d) Heads of State

Most work on tax laws takes place here:
a) Oval office (the White House)
b) The Senate
c) The Federal Reserve
d) House Ways and Means Committee

Civil laws passed by state legislatures are:
a) Public acts
b) Sunshine laws
c) Sunset laws
d) Federal laws

This can stop a filibuster:
a) Presidential veto
b) Whining and complaining
c) Cloture
d) There is no way to stop a filibuster

This Supreme Court case legalized segregation (separate but equal):
a) Marbury v. Madison
b) Plessy v. Ferguson
c) The Dred Scott case
d) Brown v. Board of Education

Group chosen by the president for their expertise in certain areas:
a) Congress
b) White House staff
c) Supreme Court nominees
d) Cabinet

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