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Why did Alexander the Great destroy Thebes?
a) to prove he was the greatest leader in the world
b) to gain control of Greece and set an example
c) to spread Greek culture
d) to change its name to Alexandria

Cyrus the Great was successful in ruling a large empire due to his
a) treatment of conquered people
b) military strategy
c) alliance with the Persians
d) the success of his father

Greek philosophers believed that one thing was more important than anything else in life. What was it?
a) using the human mind to think and understand
b) helping others to be happy and comfortable
c) encouraging people to worship the gods
d) understanding how the human body works

Alexander worked to spread Greek culture throughout his empire. What conclusion can you draw from this?
a) Alexander thought all other cultures were weak.
b) Alexander was trying to build a friendship with the Greeks.
c) Alexander was trying to make the Persian Empire angry.
d) Alexander admired and enjoyed Greek culture and ideas.

What happened after Alexander and his army crossed the Indus River in India?
a) His exhausted troops refused to fight anymore.
b) The people of the area crowned Alexander king.
c) Alexander defeated the Persian army for the last time.
d) The Greeks agreed to not rebel against Alexander.

Which of the following is the best prediction of what might have happened in Sparta if its army had become weak?
a) Slaves would have staged a rebellion.
b) Spartan women would have joined the army.
c) Soldiers would have lost their self-confidence.
d) Boys would have lost their courage and strength.

What can you infer about the ancient Greeks based upon their achievements?
a) The ancient Greeks most valued warfare and battle.
b) The ancient Greeks valued philosophy and art.
c) The ancient Greeks were most interested in farming.
d) The ancient Greeks felt literature was pointless.

What was the most important aspect of life in Sparta?
a) learning about philosophy
b) preparing for battles
c) playing music
d) learning to lead people

What caused the Peloponnesian War to begin?
a) Sparta refused to join Athens in the Delian League.
b) Athens quit the Peloponnesian League.
c) Greek cities feared Athens would control Greece.
d) Athens joined forces with the Persians.

How did Greece influence western civilization?
a) through art, philosophy, and science
b) through food and spelling
c) through military strategy
d) None of the above

__________ was the winner of the Persian Wars.
a) Greece
b) Persia
c) both
d) n/a

Two of the greatest city-states in Greece were Sparta and __________.
a) Athens
b) Thebes
c) Egypt
d) none

__________ women had almost no rights at all.
a) Spartan
b) Athenian
c) n/a
d) n/a

In building his empire, Alexander the Great conquered Persia, India, and __________.
a) Egypt
b) China
c) Greece
d) n/a

Greek __________ look as if they could come to life at any moment.
a) buildings
b) paintings
c) sculptures
d) n/a

Aristotle believed people should use __________ to govern their lives.
a) religion
b) reason
c) n/a
d) n/a

The spread of __________ culture brought Greek customs to new parts of the world.
a) Spartan
b) Hellenistic
c) n/a
d) n/a

Because people were upset by his ideas, __________ was arrested and sentenced to death.
a) Plato
b) Socrates
c) Aristotle
d) Euclid

Many of the geometry rules from the writings of __________ are still used today.
a) Hippocrates
b) Euclid
c) Socrates
d) Aristotle

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