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What was the last major battle in the Revolution?
a) Saratoga
b) Trenton
c) New York
d) Yorktown

How did the American Revolution impact other parts of the world?
a) It lead to Great Britain giving up its other colonies
b) It made other nations fearful of American strength
c) It encouraged other nations to fight for their independence
d) It made citizens of other nations fearful of a fight for independence

Which of the following was a major victories that changed the American morale towards the beginning of the war?
a) Trenton
b) Princeton
c) Saratoga
d) all of the above

What document did the British produce that promised freedom to slaves?
a) Proclamation of Rebellion
b) Lord Dunmore's Proclamation
c) Magna Carta
d) Declaration of Independence

What country allied with the Americans during the war?
a) France
b) Germany
c) Portugal
d) Canada

Who were the Hessians?
a) French soldiers
b) a nickname for British soldiers
c) German hired mercenaries
d) Spanish soldiers

Which battle marked a turning point of the War in the American’s favor?
a) Battle of Lexington
b) Battle at New York
c) Battle of Bunker Hill
d) Battle of Saratoga

Which of these was a clear disadvantage for General Burgoyne in Albany, New York?
a) unfamiliar territory
b) not enough soliders
c) insufficient supplies
d) poor communication

Which of these was an effect of African Americans helping the cause of independence?
a) Slavery was abolished throughout all of the colonies
b) Several colonies began to take steps to end slavery
c) African Americans who fought were given their freedom
d) African Americans were respected and their brave acts rewarded

Which of the following was influential in training American Troops at Valley Forge?
a) Layfette
b) Howe
c) Clinton
d) Greene

During the American Revolutionary War, slaves supported whom?
a) The American rebels
b) The supported the Americans and the British
c) The British
d) Slaves had no role in the war

Which of the following is NOT a weaknesses that the Continental Army faced?
a) Lack of training
b) food shortages
c) scarcity of guns and gun powder
d) leadership

What document created the independent nation of the United States?
a) Declaration of Independence
b) Constitution
c) Treat of Paris
d) Lord Dunmore's Proclamation

Which General was dismissed from the British army for failing to carry out an order?
a) Howe
b) Clinton
c) Burgoyne
d) Greene

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