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Which decade was a time of an increased standard of living for many Americans?
a) 1920s
b) 1930s

Which of the following is an example of a primary source?
a) History textbook explaining the growth of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s
b) a video about the New Deal
c) a Wikipedia entry about FDR
d) letter written to President Herbert Hoover

The time period during which the manufacture and sale of alcohol were illegal was known as?
a) Depression
b) Abolition
c) Prohibition
d) Abolition

How did the New Deal change the role of the federal government in the United States?
a) It increased the role of the federal government
b) It decreased the role of the federal government
c) It eliminated the role of the federal government
d) It had no effect of the role of the federal government

Which of the following is true about the Great Depression:
a) It was cured during Roosevelt’s 100 days in office
b) It was the longest-lasting economic depression in U.S. history
c) It triggered a wave of immigration out of the United States
d) It was over by the time Franklin Roosevelt started his presidency

One result of the New Deal was that many Americans began to accept the idea that the federal government has a responsibility to:
a) Care for citizens in need
b) Build new dams and schools
c) End racial discrimination
d) Educate America’s children

The _________________ signaled the beginning of_______________________.
a) Dust Bowl…the New Deal
b) Al Capone’s arrest…Prohibition
c) Election of Roosevelt…consumerism
d) Stock Market Crash…the Great Depression

Which of the following is the best descriptor of the US economy in the years following World War 1?
a) Crisis
b) Global
c) Slow
d) Booming

Which of the following was a cause of the “black blizzards” in the Great Plains
a) acid rain
b) soil erosion
c) freezing winters
d) flood waters

The New Deal program that still exists today that provides money for many elderly Americans is the:
a) Tennessee Valley Authority
b) Agricultural Adjustment Act
c) Social Security Act
d) Works Project Administration

“Buying on margin” means:
a) Buying stock in a company with borrowed money
b) Buying too much stock in any one company
c) Buying stock in a new or unproven company
d) Buying a limited amount of stock in any one company

Which of the following was NOT a new consumer good of the 1920’s?
a) vacuum cleaners
b) radios
c) televisions
d) automobiles

Which of these allowed Henry Ford to build cars more quickly and cheaply than ever?
a) low pay
b) metal frames
c) assembly lines
d) labor unions

Which of the following best describes the role of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)?
a) Gave food and shelter to people in need
b) Paid farmers not to grow certain crops
c) Build dams to control flooding and provide electricity across six southern states
d) Provided jobs planting trees, draining swamps, and fighting fires

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal:
a) Provided relief, reform and recovery
b) Prepared the US for World War II
c) Quickly ended the Great Depression
d) Failed completely

The economic boom of the 1920s was mostly built on:
a) Gold
b) Concrete
c) Credit
d) Railroads

Why were some New Deal reforms referred to as “safety net” programs?
a) They were created to prevent illegal immigration
b) They were intended to help the nation’s neediest peopl
c) They were designed to capture communists
d) They were intended to save the nation’s economy

What did John Scopes teach his classes that caused him to be arrested and put on trial in the 1920s?
a) math
b) how to make bootleg liquor
c) evolution
d) how to dance the Charleston

What word could be used to describe the economy of the 1930s?
a) Boom
b) Improved
c) Strong
d) Bust

What group saw an increase in membership during the 1920s and lashed out against any group they considered to be un-American?
a) Bootleggers
b) Democrats
c) Ku Klux Klan
d) Muckrakers

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