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The electromagnetic waves with the highest energy and frequency are ____________.
a) gamma rays
b) radio waves
c) visible light waves
d) microwaves

If the frequency of a sound wave is 7.0 Hz, and the sound wave travels through the air at a speed of 350 m/s, what is the wavelength?
a) 2,450 m
b) 50 m
c) 343 m
d) 0.02 m

In the eighteenth century, a Swedish scientist devised a scale of measurement in which 0 represented the freezing point of water and 100 represented the boiling point of water. What scale of measurement did the scientist develop?
a) Absolute
b) Fahrenheit
c) Kelvin
d) Celsius

When a pot of water is put on a stove, the water at the top gets hot primarily by __________.?
a) condensation
b) convection
c) conduction
d) radiation

Tim placed a cup of ice cubes on the table. The temp. in the cup was 0 degrees Celsius. Thirty minutes later, the cup contained water and smaller ice cubes at a temperature of 4В°C. Which BEST describes the energy transfer?
a) The water transferred heat to the air.
b) Air transferred heat to the ice.
c) The glass transferred heat to the table.
d) Ice transferred heat to the glass.

Examples: Ice melting in a person's hand, pot boiling on stove, coffee being brewed. Which process is taking place in all three examples?
a) Radiation
b) convection
c) conduction
d) forced convection

In the muscle cells in your body, ____________________energy is transformed into ________________.
a) chemical, potential
b) chemical, kinetic
c) electrical, chemical
d) kinetic, potential

A blimp flying above the Super Bowl has the following types of energy.
a) kinetic and potential
b) kinetic and chemical
c) potential and radiant
d) kinetic and electrical

Which of the following energy resources are NOT considered to be renewable?
a) wind energy
b) geothermal energy
c) fossil fuels
d) solar energy

Jack turned on a radio station and listened to music. How does the radio change waves and energy so Jack can hear the music?
a) Electromagnetic waves are changed into the chemical energy in batteries.
b) Sound waves are changed into the chemical energy in batteries.
c) Sound waves are changed into electromagnetic waves.
d) Electromagnetic waves are changed into sound waves.

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