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Natural fires are an important part of grassland ecosystems. Grass fires break down dead material, clear out shrubs, and cause some seeds to sprout. Why would it be a useful adaptation for a seed to need fire to sprout?
a) It would prevent the plant from sprouting during the dry season.
b) It would prevent the sprouting plant from ever getting burned by fire.
c) It would ensure that the plant sprouted only during the snowy season.
d) It would ensure that the area is clear of other types of plants when it sprouted.

How is the epiphyte plant adapted to the ecosystem in which it lives?
a) It has a trunk tall enough to reach sunlight.
b) It has long roots that reach deep into dry soil.
c) It has roots that attach to trees so that it can reach sunlight
d) It has leaves that capture and digest insects, which it needs for nutrients.

Temperate deciduous forests have trees that change color and fall off during the autumn months. Which type of tree leaf would not change color and fall off?
a) a maple leaf
b) an oak leaf
c) pine needles
d) magnolia leaf

Sea otters live in large kelp beds in the open ocean. Otters have very streamlined bodies. What does a streamlined body help an otter do?
a) sleep in the kelp bed
b) swim easily to catch prey
c) keep water out of its nose
d) keep its fur dry when it swims

Plants that live in salt marshes absorb a lot of salt water. What adaptation do these plants most likely have?
a) They have spines on their leaves.
b) They depend on rain for water.
c) They have stiff stems for support in water.
d) They have a way to get excess salt out of their bodies.

Rivers are home to many kinds of birds. Which foot is most likely the adaptation of a bird that swims in water to find food?
a) A duck's webbed feet
b) A bird's perching feet.
c) A dog's paws.
d) none of the above

Brazil nuts have a tough shell that few birds can crack. Which feature of the macaw's beak is most likely different from other birds that eat nuts?
a) the length
b) the shape
c) the size
d) the strength

Water lilies live in lakes and ponds. The lilies have very long stems. How do long stems help water lilies live in ponds?
a) They absorb food for the plant.
b) They absorb water from the pond.
c) They enable the pads and flower to reach sunlight.
d) They prevent the plant from floating away.

Natasha likes to visit the park in her neighborhood to watch hummingbirds. Based on the beak of the hummingbird, what does it most likely eat? It's beak is long and slender.
a) fish
b) nuts
c) insects
d) nectar

A safflower is a plant with a small seed that has a thick shell. Birds need to crack open the shell to eat the seed. Which type of beak would be best suited to eating safflower seeds?
a) short and sharp
b) short and strong
c) long and slender
d) long and pointed

Arabian camels have a single hump on their back that stores fat. The rest of the camel's body has no fat. How does this help the camel survive in the desert?
a) It helps them stay cooler.
b) It helps them blend in with their surroundings.
c) It helps them carry other animals on their backs.
d) It shades them from the sun during the hottest part of the day.

During the winter, the arctic fox has white fur. During the summer months, its fur is brown. How does this adaptation help the arctic fox survive in its environment?
a) It helps it attract different mates during different seasons.
b) It helps it tell its family members apart from those of others.
c) It helps it blend in with its surroundings even as they change.
d) It keeps it warm during the summer and cool during the winter.

Varieties of palmetto trees, hickory trees, shrubs and dwarf oak trees grow in areas of Florida called scrubs. For these plants, which term describes the Florida scrub?
a) population
b) habitat
c) life cycle
d) variation

Plants have various adaptations for survival. Some adaptations protect plants by discouraging animals from eating the flowers. Which of these is an adaptation that protects a rose from animals?
a) tall stems
b) sharp thorns
c) large leaves
d) soft flower petals

When a pelican gets hot, it opens its bill and flutters the sides of its pouch. This causes water to evaporate, which cools the pelican. What type of adaptation is the movement of the pelican's pouch?
a) behavioral adatpation
b) life-cycle adaptation
c) physical adaptation
d) reproductive adaptation

The caterpillar of a moth spins a cocoon during a certain stage in its life cycle. Which types of adaptations does this sentence describe?
a) behavioral, life-cycle, and physical adaptations
b) behavioral and life-cycle, but not physical adaptations
c) behavioral, but not life-cycle and physical adaptations
d) behavioral and physical, but not life-cycle adaptations

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