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Which one is NOT typical in a traditional classroom?
a) Teacher-Centered
b) Use of Textbooks and written assignments
c) Manipulatives
d) Direct Instruction

Which one is NOT typical in a Progressive Classroom?
a) Student-Centered
b) Student led discovery
c) Use of textbooks
d) Hands On Activities

What does NCTM stand for?
a) National Council for Teachers of Mathematics
b) New Council for Team Mathematics
c) New Council for Teachers of Mathematics
d) National Coalition of Trustees in Mathematics

Which one is not a Standard from NCTM that the New Math is based of off?
a) Problem Solving
b) Representations
c) Reasoning and Proof
d) Memorization

Which is not an example of a Reform Math program?
a) Everyday Math
b) Investigations
c) The Math Book
d) Mathland

What is a criticism of the "New" Math?
a) short term memorization
b) "Drill and Kill"
c) Disregard to basic skills
d) perfection of skills

What is a criticism of the "Old" Math?
a) Watered down curriculum
b) Lack of basic skills
c) Emphasis on Memorization and rote computation
d) Emphasis on understanding concepts

What was the name of the method for multiplication I showed an example of in the beginning of the presentation?
a) Lattice Method
b) Littace Method
c) The Best Method
d) Dewey Method

Who called for an education to be grounded in real experience?
a) Piaget
b) Vygotsky
c) Dewey
d) Plato

What is the Math Wars?
a) The Debate over traditional math verses reform Math in classrooms

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