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What kind of economy does Australia have
a) market
b) command
c) traditional
d) federation

Australia's economy encourages which of the following
a) natural resources.
b) parliamentary democracy.
c) entrepreneurship.
d) constitutional confederation.

Which if MOST important for Australia's economy?
a) oil exports
b) tourism
c) subsistence farming
d) electronics manufacturing

What type of government does Australia have?
a) unitary confederation
b) federal parliamentary democracy
c) confederate autocracy
d) oligarchic presidential democracy

Who is the head of government in Australia?
a) president
b) chancellor
c) monarch of Great Britain
d) prime minister

What type of economy does Canada have?
a) mixed market
b) mixed command
c) oligarchic
d) traditional

Which is NOT a main economic activity in Canada?
a) agriculture
b) energy resources
c) ranching
d) manufacturing

Which does NOT describe the type of government found in Canada?
a) unitary
b) constitutional monarchy
c) parliamentary democracy
d) federation

Who do the citizens of Canada elect?
a) president
b) prime minister
c) parliament
d) monarch

Which of the following countries official languages are English and French?
a) United States
b) Mexico
c) Australia
d) Canada

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