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Touching a pan and warming your hand is an example of
a) radiation
b) conduction
c) convection
d) heat

Laying on a blanket in the sun and gaining heat is an example of
a) radiation
b) conduction
c) convection
d) heat

Becoming warm on one side of a room after turning the heater on at the opposite end of the room
a) radiation
b) conduction
c) convection
d) heat

Convection causes
a) air to solidify
b) air to liquify
c) air to move
d) air to stop

Wind is
a) air that is cold
b) air that is warm
c) a cold breeze
d) moving air

The coriolis effect is known as
a) being caused by the spinning Earth
b) being caused by the moon
c) being caused by the Earth's position in space
d) being caused by the equator

Ocean currents and air currents are created by
a) each other
b) the coriolis effect
c) the sun
d) both the coriolis effect and the sun

Wind is created by
a) clouds
b) fast moving oceans
c) the sun
d) the moon

El nino causes what kind of weather in Australia?
a) draughts
b) floods
c) snow
d) lightning

La nina causes what kind of weather in North America?
a) Wet weather
b) Tornadoes
c) Dry weather
d) Blizzards

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