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What problems did President Roosevelt have with the Supreme Court?
a) The Court would not give him adequate funding for the New Deal programs.
b) He was not given the chance to nominate new Supreme Court justices.
c) He directly accused the Supreme Court of causing the stock market crash.
d) The Court issued a series of rulings declaring many New Deal programs unconstitutional.

Which of the following is a lasting effect of the New Deal?
a) The protection of the savings of bank customers.
b) Whistle-blowers in corrupt corporations.
c) Clean air and water.
d) Workplace safety.

Which of the following best describes Black Tuesday?
a) Half a million workers lost their jobs.
b) The stock market crashed.
c) Hoover lost the election.
d) Over 2,000 banks closed.

The TVA is significant because it hired people to do what?
a) Deliver food to the poverty-stricken Dust Bowl residents.
b) Build dams and generators that provided electricity.
c) Work on farms to help stabilize agriculture.
d) Work in the automobile industry to increase mass production.

Herbert Hoover lost the election of 1932 mainly because Americans
a) Thought he would spend too much government money.
b) Thought he would raise taxes.
c) Worried about his priority on foreign policies instead of domestic issues.
d) Lost confidence in him or blamed him for the Depression.

What was one of the major causes of the Great Depression that was related to goods being sold in a shrinking market?
a) Goods were being overproduced.
b) Goods were being under produced.
c) People had no money to purchase goods.
d) Businesses were failing and not able to employ workers.

What were people trying to prevent by planting grass and trees in the Dust Bowl?
a) Soil erosion.
b) Flooding.
c) Tornadoes.
d) Hurricanes.

Who authorized $1.2 billion in aid to different financial institutions in the first year of the Depression, but refused to give direct assistance to individual Americans?
a) Franklin Roosevelt.
b) Woodrow Wilson.
c) Herbert Hoover.
d) Calvin Coolidge.

People who could not afford to buy stocks at full price began doing what?
a) Paying back loans.
b) Buying on Margin.
c) Quitting their jobs.
d) Moving to a new state.

Who wrote The Grapes of Wrath, the story about the farmers forced to move in search of work?
a) Woody Guthrie.
b) John Steinbeck.
c) Calvin Coolidge.
d) E.D. Rose

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