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What is the name of the monomers that make up nucleic acids?
a) DNA
b) RNA
c) nucleotides
d) nitrogen bases

What is the sugar in DNA?
a) ribose
b) deoxyribose
c) glucose
d) lactose

DNA is shaped most like a
a) ladder
b) spiral staircase
c) tree
d) brick

Chargraff's rule states that A pairs with
a) C
b) G
c) A
d) T

In RNA, thymine is replaced with
a) adenine
b) guanine
c) uracil
d) trick! it's not replaced!

Transcription is carried out in the nucleus because
a) that's where the ribosomes are
b) DNA is too big to leave the nucleus
c) tRNA can't get out of the nucleus
d) Justin Timberlake said so.

tRNA carries ____________, which are the monomers of proteins
a) nucleotides
b) sugars
c) amino acids
d) ribose

A mutation is
a) a defect in the genetic code
b) a change in the genetic code
c) always lethal or fatal to an organism
d) an error in the genetic code

A silent mutation is a mutation that
a) does not affect the final protein
b) causes the organism to be unable to communicate
c) a defect that is fatal
d) is the change of only amino acid in a protein

A frameshift mutation is usually
a) not noticeable
b) a big mutation
c) silent
d) due to exposure to radiation

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