5.2 Vocabulary Question Preview (ID: 30674)

5.2 Vocab Review Game.[print questions]

provide approval, aid, or encouragement to others
a) guarantee
b) nominate
c) supportive
d) sympathy

to feel or understand someone else's troubles
a) sympathy
b) supportive
c) nominate
d) rely

easily seen or understood
a) sympathy
b) assume
c) rely
d) obviously

to make sure or certain of something
a) supportive
b) sympathy
c) guarantee
d) nominate

to take something for granted, or suppose that it is true
a) weakling
b) assume
c) nominate
d) rely

suggest or propose that a person be chosen for something
a) nominate
b) assume
c) guarantee
d) sympathy

to trust or depend on someone or something
a) rely
b) assume
c) obviously
d) weakling

a person who lacks physical strength
a) guarantee
b) weakling
c) assume
d) rely

Which word has almost the same meaning as the word assume?
a) appreciate
b) suppose
c) take
d) wander

Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word nominate?
a) choose
b) dismiss
c) hire
d) welcome

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