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Keynote is what kind of software?
a) Presentation
b) Word-processing
c) Spreadsheet
d) Powerpoint

The first thing you should do before starting your Keynote is...
a) choose a color scheme
b) choose a font scheme
c) know your goal
d) plan it out

Presentations fall into two main categories:
a) technical and persuasive
b) persuasive and decision-making
c) technical and instructional
d) Instructional and Decision-Making

Which of following is NOT a problem with stock templates?
a) Infinite Bullet Point Syndrome
b) Looks like every slideshow you've ever seen
c) They encourage graphics
d) Designs are usually hideous

When building your own theme, you should consider which of the following?
a) Color
b) Font
c) Layout
d) All three

In most presentations, it is best to use _____ fonts.
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

If an image is too busy, add a(n) ________________________ background behind the text for contrast.
a) solid
b) transparent
c) semi-transparent
d) image

In general, if you are giving a presentation live keep your slides to
a) 15 words or less
b) 20 words or less
c) exactly 15 words
d) more than 10 words

Typography is
a) what the text says
b) how the text appears
c) what the text means
d) a type of graph

Choose the correct order of planning.
a) find details, outline, sequence
b) sequence, outline, add detail
c) outline, sequence, add detail
d) outline, add detail, sequence

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