E3 Collection 4 Civil War And Reconstruction Reading Questions Question Preview (ID: 30668)

Textbook Page 277-278.

How were Southern Democrats able to impose harsh new restrictions on African Americans?
a) Northerners lost interest in Reconstruction
b) Rutherford B. Hayes became president
c) the Union was defeated at the Battle of Bull Run
d) none of these choices

What cut short Lincoln's plans for Reconstruction?
a) his assassination
b) the end of the war
c) Congress imposing martial law
d) none of these choices

When the Civil War ended, approximately how many men had died?
a) 618,000
b) 816,000
c) 681,000
d) 861,000

Slavery was outlawed by...
a) Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation
b) the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution
c) both of the other choices
d) none of the other choices

The Civil War officially began when...
a) Abraham Lincoln was elected as president
b) the Southern states seceded to form the Confederate States of America
c) the Confederates fired on Fort Sumter
d) none of these choices

Which of the following was NOT a means by which abolitionists tried to end slavery?
a) Underground Railroad
b) slave narratives and novels
c) petitions
d) new inventions

What was a major cause of the Civil War?
a) nationalism
b) sectional tensions
c) the Romantic era
d) none of these choices

Where was a golden spike was driven into the track to mark the completion of the country's first nationwide railroad?
a) Promontory Summit, Utah
b) Bull Run, Virginia
c) Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
d) Washington, D.C.

After the war, fiction created by realistic writers focused on...
a) the human tragedy of the war
b) Reconstruction
c) the divided voice of the nation
d) none of these choices

Who were Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott
a) abolitionists
b) women's rights activists
c) both of the other choices
d) none of the other choices

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