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Please choose correct name of the contract approval tool used at JTI Azerbaijan
a) Electronic Contract review software
b) Elementary contract approval system
c) Electronic contract approval system
d) Electronic contract assessment system

Force-Majeure clause includes
a) Dispute resolution terms
b) Bank and Company Registration details
c) Subject Matter of the Contract
d) Unforeseen circumstances

Contract is terminated
a) If Parties loose their copies of the contract
b) Based on the agreement of the Parties
c) One of the Parties feels sick
d) All above

Contract Price may include
a) Value Added Tax
b) Personal Income Tax
c) Transportation Fee
d) All above

Usually contracts are reviewed and approved by
a) Legal
b) Finance
c) PPO
d) All above

According to JTI Policy backdated contracts are
a) Accepted
b) Limited
c) Strictly prohibited
d) Allowed only for Legal Deparment

Please find JTI Policy owned by Legal Deparmtnet
a) Code of Conduct
b) Contract Managment Policy
c) Leave Policy
d) SQIM Policy

PO means
a) Purchasing Organization
b) Public Organization
c) Pruchase Order
d) Purchase Orgchart

Retroactive contract request should be approved by
a) Legal Manager, Function Head and Legal Director
b) Function Head, Legal Director and Country Manager
c) Country Manager, Legal Manager and Legal Director
d) All above

According to the Contract Managment Policy contract should be governed by:
a) Swiss Law
b) Azerbaijani Law
c) CIS+ Law
d) JTI Law

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