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WordArt text can enhance the visual appeal of any presentation, so you can use it freely.
a) False
b) True

You can double-click a picture to display the Picture Tools and Format tabs.
a) True
b) False

If you have made many changes to a slide's background you can start over by clicking the Reset Background button in the Format Background dialog box.
a) True
b) False

When selecting and sizing shapes, keep in mind that your audience will focus on what type of shapes first?
a) The largest
b) The smallest
c) The brightest
d) The most colorful

What type of effects add pattern and texture to a background?
a) Fill
b) Color
c) Picture
d) Background styles

The color of this should contrast with the background color of the slide.
a) Text
b) Hyperlink
c) Foreground
d) Accent

This determines the overall lightness or darkness of an entire image.
a) Brightness
b) Contrast
c) Color
d) Style

The difference between the darkest and lightest areas of an image is called?
a) Contrast
b) Brightness
c) Color
d) Style

Researchers have known for decades that documents with visual elements are more effective than those that consist of only text.
a) True
b) False

What has 12 complementary background, text, accent, and hyperlink colors?
a) Scheme
b) plan
c) set
d) group

Which of the following contextual Ribbon tabs appears when you select a picture on a slide?
a) Picture Tools Format
b) Shape Tools Format
c) Drawing Tools Format
d) Clip Art Tools Format

What colors are designed as colors for secondary features on a slide?
a) Accent
b) Text
c) Background
d) Hyperlink

A color scheme consists of four colors for a background and text.
a) True
b) False

One method of adding appealing visual elements to a presentation is by using WordArt styles.
a) True
b) False

Where is the undo button?
a) Quick Access Toolbar
b) staus bar
c) File tab
d) none of these answers

Another name for line thickness.
a) Weight
b) fill
c) point size
d) outline

Some document themes use the All Caps text effect which converts the uppercase text you type to lowercase.
a) False
b) True

What helps clarify and emphasize details, so they appeal to audience members?
a) Graphics
b) Typefaces
c) Icons
d) Outlines

What allows you to see through a slide background or color?
a) Transparency
b) Transversely
c) Opaqueness
d) Ambiguity

Which of the following PowerPoint features allows you to see what a picture border color change will look like before you apply it?
a) Live preview
b) Color preview
c) Border preview
d) Slide preview

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