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used by some animals to navigate and hunt
a) echolocation
b) echo
c) natural frequency
d) fundamental frequency

occurs when a wave spreads out after passing through an opening, or bends around an obstacle
a) frefraction
b) reflection
c) diffraction
d) fundamental frequency

Sound waves travel __________ in solids and _____________ in gases.
a) fastest and lowest
b) lowest and fastest
c) only and not
d) none of the above

Pure tone only produces _____________ frequency.
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 10

The lowest frequency produced by a vibrating object is _____________________________.
a) Fundamental pitch
b) natural pitch
c) Fundamental frequency
d) natural frequency

A car horn changes frequency as it passes because of the _________________________.
a) natural pitch
b) Fundamental frequency
c) natural frequency
d) Doppler effect

Natural frequency has to do with _______________________________________________.
a) the way sound moves and the energy it has
b) the way sound bends and the material it is made of
c) the way it is shaped and the energy it has
d) the way it is shaped and the material it's made of

When sound is traveling away from you, there is ______________ frequency.
a) medium
b) high
c) low
d) zero

What are the decibels(db) that damage to one's hearing occurs?
a) 30 db
b) 60 db
c) 40 db
d) 85 db

When sound is traveling towards you, there is ___________________ frequency.
a) medium
b) high
c) low
d) zero

As frequency increases, pitch _____________________.
a) stays the same
b) decreases
c) increases
d) both b and c

As the amplitude of a sound wave increases, energy _________________.
a) increases
b) decreases
c) stays the same
d) both a and b

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