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Which of the following is a lasting effect of the New Deal?
a) Clean air and water.
b) Workplace safety.
c) The protection of the savings of bank customers.
d) Whistle blowers in corrupt corporations.

The TVA is significant because it hired people to do what?
a) Build dams and generators that provided electricity.
b) Deliver food to the poverty-stricken Dust Bowl residents.
c) Work on farms to help stabilize agriculture.
d) Work in the automobile industry to increase mass production.

What problems did President Roosevelt have with the Supreme Court?
a) He was not given the chance to nominate new Supreme Court Justices.
b) He directly accused the Supreme Court of causing the stock market crash.
c) The Court would not give him adequate funding for the New Deal programs.
d) The Court issued a series of rulings declaring many New Deal programs unconstitutional.

Herbert Hoover lost the election in 1932 mainly because Americans...
a) Thought he would raise taxes.
b) Lost confidence in him or blamed him for the Depression
c) Worried about his priority on foreign policies instead of domestic issues.
d) Thought he would spend too much government money.

Americans regained faith in banks after President Roosevelt signed the Emergency Banking Relief Act into law because the act did what?
a) It allowed only healthy banks to remain open.
b) It gave people people the right to withdraw their money without penalty or waiting period.
c) It authorized the government to immediately deposit $1 billion in banks to guarantee deposits.
d) It required the federal government to pay back in full the customers of any bank that failed.

Businesses were hurt by the stock market crash because they
a) Had lent money to foreign countries and were not paid back.
b) Had no workers to make goods.
c) Lost their savings in failed banks and had to close or cut back.
d) Were forced to cut back production but could not fire workers.

Which group suffered most in the Dust Bowl?
a) Scientists.
b) Farmers
c) Unskilled laborers.
d) Industrial workers.

Critics who thought the New Deal went too far claimed which of the following?
a) The cost of the new programs could bankrupt some businesses.
b) The new laws gave the president too much authority.
c) The enormous expansion of the federal government was a step toward communism.
d) The government should nationalize the country's wealth and rescources.

Which of Roosevelt's organizations employed more than 8.5 million people from 1935 to 1943, building roads, bridges, and airports.
a) The Works Progress Administration.
b) The Civilian Conservation Corps.
c) The Tennessee Valley Authority.
d) The Agricultural Adjustment Bureau.

Which group organized workers into unions based on industry, and not skill level?
a) The Teamsters Union.
b) The Boilermakers Union.
c) The National Youth Administration.
d) The Congress of Industrial Organizations.

Who was an African American educator that was appointed to Roosevelt's administration?
a) Dorothea Lange
b) Eleanor Roosevelt
c) Mary McLeod Bethune
d) Jane Adams

How did President Roosevelt react to the Supreme Court striking down programs associated with the New Deal?
a) He tried passing an act that would have gotten rid of the Supreme Court.
b) He tried passing an act that would have made his programs legal again.
c) He passed an act that made the President able to overrule the Supreme Court.
d) He tried pass an act that would have added six more Supreme Court Justices to the court.

True or False: The Second New Deal was made up of programs the Roosevelt administration introduced when the Supreme Court struck down programs of the first New Deal
a) True
b) False

True or False: The Bonus Army demanded that Hoover authorize the early payment of their military bonuses to help ease the need caused by the Great Depression.
a) True
b) False

The passage of which act was the first time the federal government took direct responsibility for many citizens' economic well-being.
a) The Emergency Banking Relief Act.
b) The War Powers Act.
c) The Wagner Act.
d) The Social Security Act.

True or False: Woody Guthrie's lively, upbeat songs offered an escape from the loss and struggle suffered by so many people during the Depression.
a) True
b) False

What is the up and down pattern in the economy known as?
a) The Business Cycle
b) Communism
c) Capitalism
d) Socialism

Which first lady covinced her husband to create the National Youth Administration to help young workers stay in school?
a) Jane Adams
b) Eleanor Roosevelt
c) Mary Todd-Lincoln
d) Barbra Bush

Which of the following best describes Black Tuesday?
a) Over 2,000 banks closed.
b) The stock market crashed.
c) Half a million workers lost their jobs.
d) Hoover lost the election.

Look at the stock prices graph on page 779 to answer the following question: People who invested in which month wold have been hurt most by Black Tuesday?
a) May.
b) September.
c) July.
d) November.

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