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Who is your favorite Educator
a) Heather
b) Wanda
c) A punk rocker
d) some guy off the street

Is Heather engaged to be married
a) YES
b) no

Does Heather have a dog or a cat as a pet
a) Dog
b) Cat

How old is Heather
a) 30
b) 21
c) 50
d) 40

Is Heather a Texas native
a) No
b) Yes

Who is Heather's favorite boss?
a) Nicole Harrison
b) everyone else

How long has Heather been a nurse
a) 10 years
b) since yesterday
c) 5 years
d) 20 years

What's Heather's favorite color
a) Blue
b) Green
c) Red
d) Pink

What is Heather's fiancee's name?
a) Bill
b) Bob
c) Benjamin
d) Buford

Does Heather prefer Red or white Wine
a) Red
b) White

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