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Which type of change is evident when a person is willing to move to a new position?
a) Unspecified
b) Unplanned
c) Voluntary
d) Involuntary

Which term describes attending a ball game with your parents?
a) Family time
b) Work time
c) Community time
d) Study time

Which term describes time spent volunteering at the local YMCA?
a) Leisure time
b) Work time
c) Community time
d) Family time

During which family life cycle stage do couples experience retirement, declining health, or death of a spouse?
a) Mid-years
b) Aging
c) Parenting
d) Launching

Which stage of the family life cycle do families experience changes due to teen's school activities and need for more independence?
a) Parenting
b) Childbearing
c) Launching
d) Beginning

During which family life cycle stage do children leave for college, join the military, or seek employment?
a) Mid-years
b) Aging
c) Parenting
d) Launching

What stage in the family life cycle occurs when couples decide to become parents ?
a) Beginning
b) Parenting
c) Childbearing
d) Launching

Harmony between work life and personal life is called:
a) Balance .
b) Flex time.
c) Job sharing.
d) Free time.

Leisure is:
a) The pursuit of knowledge and life.
b) A personal evaluation about lifestyles.
c) Activities completed at work.
d) Time free from everyday responsibilities.

Life role changes include:
a) Buying a car.
b) Getting married.
c) Going on vacation.
d) Going shopping.

Which type of change occurs when a person is forced to take a new position in the company?
a) Planned
b) Unspecified
c) Involuntary
d) Voluntary

Identify a resource that would help individuals balance family and work roles?
a) Shopping center
b) Hospital
c) Court system
d) On-site day care facility

Which law was enacted to help families handle special family matters by allowing them to take time off without pay?
a) Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
b) Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
c) Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)
d) Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

When women receive lower pay than men working in similar jobs, this is known as:
a) Stereotyping
b) National origin discrimination
c) Gender bias
d) Age discrimination

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) investigates:
a) Unemployment claims
b) Accidents on the job
c) Mental health issues
d) Charges of discrimination

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