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Which contributes to unsafe working conditions?
a) Patience
b) Consideration
c) Laziness
d) Punctuality

The main reason why most young people seek a first job is:
a) Health benefits.
b) Insurance benefits.
c) College admissions requirement.
d) To earn money.

Which group is most influenced by peer pressure?
a) Infants
b) Teenagers
c) Adults
d) Senior citizens

Criticism that is presented in a way that can help a person learn and grow is:
a) Destructive.
b) Constructive.
c) Always presented in a group.
d) Only from the supervisor.

The way a person lives his or her life is known as a:
a) Career.
b) Hobby.
c) Lifestyle.
d) Value.

When laid off from work, a person:
a) Is required to receive severance pay.
b) Is forced to retire and take benefits.
c) Cannot look for another job.
d) May qualify for unemployment insurance.

During leisure time, a person might be involved in which activity:
a) Business travel.
b) Conference call.
c) Favorite hobby.
d) On-the-job training.

Changes that can be planned for are:
a) Random.
b) Sequential.
c) Unexpected.
d) Predictable.

Life roles are:
a) The various parts of one’s life, such as citizen, parent, spouse, worker, etc.
b) The way a person lives his/her life, including geographic location, type of home, etc.
c) The legal union of a man and a woman.
d) Extended protection to those with need.

Putting important items that need to be done first is referred to as:
a) Criticizing.
b) Complaining.
c) Prioritizing.
d) Authorizing.

When a person has a job that is enjoyable, mental health is generally:
a) Unaffected.
b) Good.
c) Negative.
d) Exceptional.

You can reap the benefits of exercise by exercising a minimum of:
a) Once a week for thirty minutes.
b) Three times a week for twenty minutes.
c) Five times a month for twenty minutes.
d) Seven times a day for ten minutes.

Which developmental group is mainly concerned with providing for a family?
a) Infants
b) Older adults
c) Middle-aged adults
d) Adolescents

A natural reaction to the demands of daily life is:
a) Mediation.
b) Fighting.
c) Stress.
d) Depression.

Getting adequate rest is related to:
a) Improved productivity.
b) Missing more workdays.
c) Having less energy.
d) Being on time.

When offering feedback to a co-worker, it is important to:
a) Put it in writing.
b) Only tell what was not good.
c) Offer positive and negative comments.
d) Only tell what was good.

One of the purposes of the Family Medical Leave Act is for an employee to:
a) Drive teenagers to appointments.
b) Care for a new baby.
c) Share a job.
d) Look for a job.

During adolescence, a main concern should be:
a) Getting married.
b) Retiring.
c) Establishing career goals.
d) Providing childcare.

Who is primarily responsible for day-to-day safety in the workplace?
a) The owner of the company
b) Everyone in the workplace
c) Shift supervisors
d) Team leaders

One of the most effective ways of dealing with stress is to:
a) Identify the source of stress and address it directly.
b) Exercise.
c) Work harder.
d) Drink coffee or other caffeinated drinks.

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