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Which of the following is true when the net force acting on an object is zero?
a) The object will move in the direction of the lesser force
b) The object will be in a state of equilibrium
c) The object will change direction
d) The object will move in the direction of the greatest force

What does Newton’s Second Law of Motion describe?
a) the effects of inertia on an object’s motion
b) the relationship between mass, acceleration, and net force
c) action and reaction forces
d) the relationship between power, work, and time

Which of the following is true about inertia?
a) fully loaded truck has more inertia than an empty truck of the same size
b) An empty shopping cart has more inertia than a full shopping cart
c) Inertia is the tendency of an object to change direction or slow its motion
d) Inertia is the force that causes a spacecraft to slow down and fall to Earth

Which happens when equal forces act on an object from opposite directions?
a) The forces are balanced
b) The forces are unbalanced
c) The motion of the object will change
d) The direction of the object will change

Which of the following explains what happens when a person pushes against a wall?
a) No force acts on the wall, because the wall does not move
b) The wall pushes against the person with an equal and opposite force
c) The forces acting on the wall become unbalanced.
d) The force pushing on the wall is greater than the force of the wall pushing back

An object is at rest. What will happen if no net force acts on the object?
a) The object will move forward at a constant speed
b) The object will change direction
c) The object will stay at rest
d) The object will move in a straight line

Tom pushes a box in a staight line with a force of 12 Newtons. The box is moving at a constant speed. What will happen when George pushes against the box, in the opposite direction, with a force of 8 Newtons
a) The box will continue moving at a slower speed in the same direction
b) The box will begin to move in the opposite direction
c) The box will continue moving in a straight line and at the same speed
d) The box will increase in speed until the forces acting on it are balanced

Which of the following is true about acceleration?
a) Acceleration refers to how forces maintain the velocity of objects in motion
b) Acceleration equals the mass of the object divided by the net force acting on it
c) At the same net force, a large mass has a greater acceleration than a small mass
d) Acceleration refers to the rate at which an object’s velocity changes over time

Which one of Newtons Laws says that an object at rest will stay at rest until a net force acts upon it?
a) First Law
b) Second Law
c) Third Law
d) Combination of the Second and Third Laws

If Team A and Team B are playing a game of tug of war. What will happen if Team A pulls with more force than Team B?
a) Nothing they will stay the same
b) Team B will be pulled over the center line
c) Team A will be pulled over the center line
d) Both teams will cross the center line

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