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McDonalds introduced the fruit cup as an alternative to fries. After 1 month, they evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of the product. This is an example of a?
a) EPA Review
b) ERA Study
c) GOP Evaluation
d) SWOT Analysis

Communication used to inform, persuade, and remind customers about a business's product is part of which function?
a) Distribution
b) Marketing Information Management
c) Promotion
d) Selling

The Thompson Company decided it would be more successful if it divided the total market for its products into smaller. more specific groups of consumers. This business is engaged in?
a) mass marketing
b) industrial marketing
c) marketing domination
d) marketing segmentation

Which is an example of a want?
a) Shelter
b) Food
c) Gasoline
d) Cell Phone

Plumbers, dentist, and lawyers all provide?
a) Good
b) Service
c) Necessity
d) Want

The local newspaper is printing one get freeadvertisment coupons for Mountain Dew. This is an example of which marketing function?
a) Marketing Information Management
b) Product Serice Management
c) Promotion
d) Selling

Determining a value to charge for products is called?
a) Financing
b) Marketing Information Management
c) Promotion
d) Pricing

The community college has decided to market its evening classes to women between the ages of 18-30 who are high school graduates. What type of segmentation is the college using?
a) Geographic
b) Demographic
c) Behavioral
d) Psychographic

The Marketing Mix (4 P's) are?
a) Place, Price, Publicizing, Positioning
b) Product, Price, Promotion, Place
c) Product, Publicizing, Place, Price
d) Promotion, Product, Planning, Publicizing

The same person can be included in more than one?
a) Religion
b) Income Level
c) Generation
d) Target Market

Getting a selected product in the right place at the right time is called?
a) Price
b) Product
c) Promotion
d) Place

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