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example of a physical change
a) paper burning
b) ice melting
c) iron rusting

change that produces new substances
a) chemical
b) physical

symbol for iron
a) Fe
b) I
c) Ir
d) In

atomic number always equals the number of these
a) neutrinos
b) photons
c) protons
d) neutrons

If an atom is neutral, what 2 particles have equal numbers?
a) neutron and proton
b) neutron and electron
c) proton and electron
d) none of these

Most of our atmosphere is _______________ gas
a) carbon dioxide
b) oxygen
c) nitrogen
d) helium

location of an electron
a) in the nucleus
b) outside the nucleus

charge of a proton
a) negative
b) positive
c) neutral (no charge)

charge of an electron
a) negative
b) neutral (no charge)
c) positive

how the periodic table is arranged
a) alphabetically
b) by date of discovery of the elements
c) by atomic number
d) by mass number

charge and location of a neutron
a) neutral; outside the nucleus
b) negative; in the nucleus
c) negative; outside the nucleus
d) neutral; in the nucleus

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