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Which is an example of a decomposer?
a) deer
b) fungi
c) tree
d) moss

Which best describes a chemical change?
a) raking leaves
b) bagging leaves
c) mulching leaves
d) leaves turning from green to red

Which is an example of a multicellular organism?
a) amoeba
b) bacteria
c) plants
d) yeast

How are consumers classified in a food web?
a) by their size
b) by what they eat
c) by their life cycle
d) by where they live

Which best describes the relationship between the sun and the water cycle?
a) Rays from the sun help form clouds.
b) Clouds makes the sun's rays more powerful.
c) Energy from the sun powers the water cycle.
d) Energy from the water cycle controls the sun.

Which best exemplifies how heat is transferred by conduction?
a) fire warming a house
b) coals in a grill heating food
c) sunlight warming the ground
d) metal coils on a stove heating a pan of bacon

Which body system coordinates and communicates with all other body systems?
a) respiratory system
b) circulatory system
c) digestive system
d) nervous system

Once a cloud has all the water vapor it can hold, which will most likely occur?
a) condensation
b) precipitation
c) evaporation
d) runoff

Why is convection an important factor in influencing weather?
a) It helps move thermal energy using the sun.
b) It helps move thermal energy using the clouds.
c) It uses stars to help it move thermal energy around the Earth.
d) It uses oceans and the atmosphere to move energy around the Earth.

Which is a producer?
a) deer
b) grass
c) rabbit
d) water

Which is most important when predicting the movement of a jet stream?
a) the location of mountains and valleys
b) the number of clouds in the sky
c) the air temperature
d) the season

What type of front is most often associated with stormy weather?
a) a cold front
b) a warm front
c) a stationary front
d) an occluded front

Which process do producers use to get food?
a) condensation
b) evaporation
c) photosynthesis
d) respiration

During El Nino, what happens to the amount of precipitation a region receives?
a) There is no precipitation.
b) The amount of precipitation increases.
c) The amount of precipitation decreases.
d) The amount of precipitation does not change.

Which range of ocean water temperatures could contribute to hurricane formation?
a) below 30 degrees F
b) 40-50 degrees F
c) 60-70 degrees F
d) above 80 degrees F

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