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reporting; a description
a) witness
b) interagating
c) accounting
d) snitching

clearly or distinctly
a) obvious
b) sharply
c) scheme
d) tough

the way something is arranged or organized
a) theme
b) scheme
c) ruse
d) odds

the quality of being sutable for a specified purpos
a) active
b) lazy
c) exercise
d) fitness

a bulding in which ice is made or stored
a) icehouse
b) freezer
c) cooler
d) garage

a long shallow container from which animals drink or eat from
a) plate
b) bowl
c) trough
d) sink

diffrent kinds of things that are usually small and unimportant
a) fear
b) revulsion
c) ruse
d) odds and ends

not having a definate plan
a) winging it
b) desultory
c) divination
d) lustiness

unusual insight
a) eluded
b) prediction
c) divination
d) vigil

having a wavy surface
a) fear
b) church
c) presntiment
d) corrugated

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