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Causes pain or suffering
a) propel
b) confict
c) afflicts
d) vigil

the act or process of becoming worse
a) research
b) deterioration
c) determination
d) tradegy

Laughably inept; absurd; ridiculos
a) farcical
b) fitness
c) vigil
d) funny

a procedure in which liquid is forced into the intestines through the anus
a) gargaling
b) masectomy
c) vasectomy
d) enema

a belief or feeling that something is going to happen
a) fortune
b) prediction
c) presntiment
d) guess

comedy that involves physical action
a) parkour
b) slapstick
c) tradegy
d) humilation

an event or period of time when a person stays in a place and quietly waits
a) fear
b) tremble
c) hide
d) vigil

a) solemnly
b) sacrifice
c) death
d) interment

a very sad unfortinate or upsetting situation
a) solemnly
b) tradegy
c) imparted
d) missionary

an action, behavior or condition that is diffrent from what is usaul
a) deviation
b) teal
c) grotto
d) solemnly

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