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Which one of the powers listed below is a constitutional power that the president shares with the Senate?
a) making treaties
b) commissioning officers
c) granting pardons
d) receiving foreign ambassadors

Which institutional resource is closest to the president?
a) White House staff
b) the Cabinet
c) the vice president
d) Joint Chiefs of Staff

What does the Twenty-Second Amendment do?
a) requires that presidents serve only two terms
b) requires that presidents are natural born citizens
c) requires the president to be at least thirty-five years old
d) requires that presidents are natural born citizens

Which presidential power is balanced by required approval of the Senate with a two-thirds vote?
a) negotiating treaties with other nations
b) extending diplomatic recognition to foreign governments
c) terminating relations with other nations
d) resolving funding for budget agenda

Congress can remove a president through __________.
a) impeachment
b) veto
c) executive privilege
d) filibuster

What has to happen in Congress before the president can be impeached?
a) The House can impeach the president by a simple majority; the Senate needs a two-thirds majority.
b) The House can impeach the president by a simple majority; the Senate does not have a vote.
c) The Senate can impeach the president by a simple majority; the House does not have a vote.
d) The House and Senate must both have a two-thirds majority.

Throughout most of its history, which was considered an insignificant office?
a) vice president
b) attorney general
c) chief of staff
d) Speaker of the House

What was intended to give Congress a greater voice in the introduction of American troops into hostilities?
a) the War Powers Resolution
b) 22nd Amendment
c) 25th Amendment
d) legislative veto

The use of __________ in foreign matters is an example of the president acting as a global leader.
a) executive agreements
b) pocket vetos
c) executive orders
d) executive privilege

Which reviews legislative proposals and assesses their budgetary implications?
a) Office of Management and Budget
b) chief of staff
c) federal reserve
d) secretary of treasury

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