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Branching diagrams or cladograms are used to identify unknown organisms.

Branching diagrams or cladograms are used to show relationships among species.

Which of the following is NOT a question a scientist would ask to choose the kingdom in which a eukaryote belongs?
a) Is it multicellular or unicellular?
b) Is it autotrophic or heterotrophic?
c) Does it reproduce sexually or asexually?
d) Does it lack a nucleus?

Which of the following make up prokaryotes?
a) Bacteria
b) Archaea
c) Eukarya
d) Bacteria and Archaea

a special tool used by scientists that uses a series of paired statements to identify organisms.
a) dichotomous key
b) cladogram

As Carolus Linnaeus was growing up, he was interested in botony an in the names of plants. His ideas have influenced generations of biologists. How did Carolus Linnaeus contribute to modern classification systems?
a) He identified the three domains of life.
b) He developed two-part scientific names.
c) He standardized common names of organisms.
d) He used characteristics to classify organisms.

A Domain is the broadest level of taxonomic classification. Which of the following is a characteristic of Domain Archaea?
a) multicellular
b) undergoes photosynthesis
c) membrane-bound organelles
d) able to tolerate extreme conditions

Which of the following statements correctly describes a kingdom of Domain Eukarya?
a) Kingdom Protista includes single-celled organisms that lack nuclei.
b) Kingdom Animalia includes multicellular organisms that make their own food.
c) Kingdom Plantae includes multicellular organisms that can move independently.
d) Kingdom Fungi includes organisms that get energy by decomposing materials in their environment.

Taxonomy is the science of describing, classifying, and naming living things. Which classification includes all protists, fungi, plants, and animals?
a) Domain Arcahea
b) Domain Bacteria
c) Domain Eukarya
d) Domain Prokarya

Which factor best explains why classification systems change over time?
a) changing environments lead to reclassification
b) increased plant species leads to reclassification
c) changes in food sources leads to reclassification
d) increased knowledge of genetics leads to reclassification

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