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Where should you look if you wanted to find out how the disease of polio was conquered by medical science?
a) an atlas
b) an almanac
c) an encyclopedia
d) a thesaurus

If the table of contents in a book did not tell you where to look for the information you needed, where would be the best place to look next?
a) the book’s index
b) the book’s title page
c) the book’s bibliography
d) read the book’s introduction

If you had to write a paper about Spanish explorers of California, what would be the LEAST useful way of getting started?
a) Jotting down the names of all explorers with Spanish names that come to mind
b) Looking up the entry under California in an encyclopedia
c) Looking in the index in an American history textbook
d) Looking for a book on California history in your library

Which of the following is written correctly?
a) Everyone wished him luck he had to undergo surgery.
b) My brother is my football coach; he does not give me extra favors.
c) Kelly is a beautiful girl but she is not conceited.
d) William asked for another raise and the boss gave it to him.

Many children’s books have colorful pictures. Many children’s books have large pictures. Many children’s books have few words
a) Many children’s books have colorful pictures and few words.
b) Many children’s books have large, colorful pictures.
c) Many children’s books have large, colorful pictures and few words.
d) Children’s books have many words and large, colorful pictures.

Which of the following is correctly punctuated?
a) He flew from Boston Masssachusetts, to New york New york.
b) On Tuesday, he will fly back to Boston.
c) there he will meet with Mr. Charles Gainey.
d) Until now, he had only spoken with Mr. gainey on the telephone.

Which of the following is correctly punctuated?
a) She has her mothers eyes.
b) She has her Mothers eyes.
c) She has her mothers’ eyes.
d) She has her mother’s eyes.

In the word anthropology, the suffix –logy means
a) study of
b) measurement of
c) arrangement of
d) records of

The prefix of the words postwar and postgame means
a) after
b) relating to
c) during
d) before

Which of the following words means “a life story written about oneself”?
a) bibliography
b) autograph
c) biography
d) autobiography

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