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What is your favorite teachers name?
a) Ms. Vavra
b) Mr. Potato Head
c) Mr. Marker
d) Miss. Leave it to Beaver

What dream did Jonas tell his family about?
a) He talked to an elephant
b) He wanted to give Fiona a bath
c) He was falling
d) He was hungry

Where do they go when someone has been Released?
a) No one knows yet
b) Vacation
c) Ocean
d) Mountains

When Roberto was released, how did he look?
a) Mad
b) Scared
c) Happy
d) satisfied

What was the morning ritual for Jonas' family?
a) Going to the Nurturing Center
b) The Telling of Dreams
c) Eating Pancakes
d) Swimming with sharks

What was the ritual that Jonas' family did at the end of their evening meal?
a) Telling of Days
b) Eat icecream
c) Pray
d) Telling of Feelings

Jonas' father worked as a __________ for his job.
a) teacher
b) mailman
c) pilot
d) nurturer

How many children could each family in the community have?
a) 3
b) 2
c) 5
d) 1

Was Ceremony was Jonas apprehensive about?
a) Ceremony of Six
b) Ceremony of Twelve
c) Ceremony of Nine
d) Release to Elsewhere

People receive their babies at what ceremony?
a) The Nines
b) The Ones
c) The Twelves
d) The Fours

What was the name of the baby that Father was so concerned about?
a) Gabriel
b) Lily
c) Jonas
d) Asher

What was Jonas' sister's name?
a) Sammy
b) Asher
c) Lily
d) Jennifer

Why was The Ceremony of Twelve the most important ceremony for people?
a) They were given money
b) They were given their job assignment
c) They were given a brother
d) They were given a bike

Who finds jobs for the Twelves?
a) Parents
b) Elders
c) The Giver
d) Lily

What was Lily's comfort object?
a) Skates
b) Jackey
c) Blanket
d) Elephant

Who comes to sleep over at Jonas' house from the Nurturing Center?
a) Asher
b) Gabriel
c) A puppy
d) A kitten

What happened to the pilot at the beginning of the story?
a) Fired him
b) Released him
c) Game him a high five
d) He fell asleep

What is the main character's name?
a) Sammy
b) Asher
c) Jonas
d) Dove

What was one of Jonas' best friends name?
a) Mom
b) Asher
c) Lily
d) The Giver

What was the unidentified aircraft at the beginning of the story?
a) A pilot in training
b) Helicopter
c) Bird
d) Soldiers

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