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Which means of transportation did not contribute to the urbanization of Texas in the late 1800's?
a) Automobiles
b) horses
c) railroads
d) steamboats

One consequence of the use of barbed wire in the Texas Frontier was
a) introduction of railroads
b) end of cattle drives
c) decline in the number of cattle ranches
d) increase in conflicts with American indian tribes

The development of ranching in West Texas was influenced by
a) Politics
b) railroads
c) discovery of oil
d) water resources

How did the end of the Civil War affect the cattle industry?
a) much of land used for grazing and destroyed in war
b) Farmers moved west
c) The demand for beef in the East brought rapid growth to the industry
d) loss in the confederacy brought many cowboys to the cattle industry

In addition to availability of land, which factor facilitated the settlement of the Texas Frontier?
a) Building a fort
b) Increased investment in schools
c) introduction of new cattle breeds
d) demand for beef in eastern states

Quannah parker was....
a) Son of an American Woman captured by the comanches
b) last Comanche chief
c) part of a tribe that roamed West Texas
d) all of the above

Which nickname was given to the african american regiments of the US army.
a) Bucktails
b) Buffalo Soldiers
c) red river rebels
d) screaming eagles

Which of the following explains a change in lifestyle of American Indian tribes after the Civil War?
a) tribes were removed to reservations
b) many tribes moved westward to find buffalo
c) many tribes experienced drought and famine
d) tribes switched to farming after the buffalo herds disappeared

Cattle drives and wars with American Indian Tribes characterize which era?
a) 1860-1900
b) 1900-1950
c) 1800-1850
d) 1875-1950

In which region of Texas was most of the cotton industry located?
a) Pannhandle
b) east Texas
c) coastal plains
d) Mountain basin

One way that James Hogg worked to protect Texans from unfair business practice was by-
a) prosecuting corrupt leaders in the oil industry
b) working to bring an end to the range wars in West TExas
c) supporting the creation of the Texas railroad commission
d) signing legislation that established the attorney generals office

Cowboys faced what danger on the cattle drives
a) stampedes
b) criminals and bullies
c) surprise thunderstorms
d) american indians

The range wars of the late 1800's in Texas were caused by-
a) sharecroppers claiming public lands
b) ranchers fencing land with barbed wire
c) immigrants moving into lands in West Texas
d) railroad companies building on American Indian Tribes

Which statement best describes how climate affected economic development in West Texas?
a) constant threats of large thunderstorms make it difficult to farm this area
b) the region is too dry to support farming so ranching became more prominent
c) the arid humid conditions made the region perfect for establishing cotton farms
d) hurricanes damaged farms

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