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The cold front symbol has..
a) half circles
b) triangles
c) circles and triangles
d) dashes

Hurricanes mostly start off the coast of Africa they tend to head towards..
a) North America
b) South America
c) Europe
d) Asia

The sun contributes to what major process...
a) making lava boil
b) cold temperatures
c) melting snow crystals in clouds
d) Evaporation

The pattern change of the moon is NOT caused by
a) counter clockwise movement of the moon
b) The tilt of the Earth
c) the moon's position with the Earth
d) the moon reflecting light of the Sun

Summer is very hot. This is because
a) the sun hits the Earth directly and not at a tilt
b) The Earth rotates to be the first planet next to the sun
c) The sun is moves closer to Earth
d) The moon blocks the light going to the Earth

Shadows get
a) shorter in the evening
b) longer in the evening
c) disappear around 3:00 pm
d) never change

Warm front symbols are
a) triangles
b) half circles
c) both circles and triangles
d) stars

Fog is caused by
a) evaporation
b) accumulation
c) precipitation
d) condensation

What measures wind direction?
a) wind compass
b) thermometer
c) barometer
d) Wind vane

Highest tide occurs when
a) there is a slight tilt on the sun, moon, and earth
b) The moon is above the Earth
c) The moon is in between the sun and earth
d) the sun, Earth, and moon are all in a straight line

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