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a ____________, the amount is deducted immediately from his checking account.
a) 60 days
b) Credit Card
c) debit card
d) ATM card.

If you do not pay the credit card company the full amount of your bill, the money you owe is the
a) balance
b) Credit Card
c) Limit
d) Grace period

Advantages of Using a Credit Card and making regular monthly payments
a) interest
b) debit card
c) Establishing Credit
d) Networth

This fee is charged to customers when they write a check for more than they have in their checking accounts; this is also known as a bounced check fee.
a) Interets
b) Overdrawn account account fee
c) Returned check fees
d) ATM card.

How can you minimize the risk of someone stealing your information and using your card? Guard your information! Shred any papers (such as college application drafts) that have your ______________
a) Social Security number or Pin number
b) Overdraft fee
c) credit card cash advance
d) Carry a balance:

When you make a purchase with a _____________, you do not have to pay back the money until your monthly credit card bill is due—in between the time you make a credit card purchase and the date when your bill is due, your money remains in your checkin
a) credit card
b) Social Security number
c) PIN Number
d) Credit line (also referred to as credit limit)

When you pay with a __________, your are making a unsecured loan, is considered revolving
a) ATM card.
b) Credit Card
c) 60 days
d) debit card

Your debit card is also your _______________ It is sometimes called a bank card or check card.
a) Bull Market
b) FED
c) Piggy Bank
d) ATM card.

If your Debit Card is lost, if you do not notify your bank within _______________, you are liable for the entire loss.
a) $50
b) 60 days
c) 1 day
d) No need to contact the bank

You can often use your credit card to obtain cash at an ATM, but you usually have to pay a _____________
a) Credit Card
b) cash advance fee.
c) $500
d) Debit card

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