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Inactive means
a) not active
b) newly active
c) internally active
d) afraid of being active

a) an instrument used to look at small things
b) an instrument used to make things louder
c) a chip in a computer
d) mouthwash

Hydroplane means
a) A plane that travels underground
b) When you drive through water and lose control
c) a plant that produces water
d) when you build a new airplane

a) To make liquid
b) To listen
c) A type of liquid
d) To quit

Mediterranean Sea
a) Yellow sea
b) Sea under land
c) A medium-sized sea
d) Sea between land

a) not active
b) old active wear
c) taking effect from a date in the past
d) self active

Union means
a) on one
b) not an ion
c) a place to eat
d) The act of being joined as one

a) water that is afraid
b) afraid of air
c) Afraid of water
d) used to be afraid

a) someone from outside the Earth's atmosphere
b) more land
c) extra trees
d) afraid of land

Autonomous means
a) always saying no
b) having the ability to act independently
c) having a fear of machines
d) something related to cars

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