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When a population is introduced to unlimited resources, what will happen?
a) Population size will remain the same.
b) Population size will dramatically decrease.
c) Population size will dramatically increase.

When does intraspecific competition affect population size?
a) When resources are plentiful.
b) When resources are limited.
c) When interspecific competition is also present.
d) When a new environment is introduced.

When a population reaches its carrying capacity, what does this mean?
a) There are enough resources for the population to increase.
b) Interspecific competition forces the population to decrease.
c) Predation controls the size of the population.
d) The population has reached a size that can be maintained by available resources.

True or False: Prey populations are dependent on predators but predator populations are not dependent on prey.
a) True
b) False

Crown of thorn sea stars are predators of coral. If coral bleaching destroys the coral in an ecosystem, what will happen to the crown of thorns sea star population?
a) It will increase.
b) It will decrease.
c) It will stay the same.

The size of a population is always changing based on:
a) Biotic factors
b) Abiotic factors
c) All interactions affecting that population
d) All of these

What would cause a population to increase in size?
a) organisms immigrate, or join, the population
b) organisms die
c) organisms emigrate, or leave, a population
d) none of these

As a population grows, the amount of resources necessary for survival:
a) shrinks
b) stays the same
c) also grows

An increase in the population of predators will cause the population of prey to:
a) decrease
b) increase
c) stay the same

An increase in the population of prey will cause the population of predators to:
a) decrease
b) increase
c) stay the same

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