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True or False. Antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria in your body.
a) False, antibiotics only target the bad bacteria.
b) False, antibiotics only target the good bacteria.
c) True, antibiotics can affect both the good and the bad bacteria.
d) False, antibiotics have no affect on bacteria.

Antibiotic resistant bacteria means...
a) You should not take antibiotics to kill bacteria.
b) The bacteria mutated and no longer are killed by the antibiotic.
c) You are allergic to antibiotics.
d) All bacteria die as a result of taking the antibiotic.

A virus reproduces by
a) splitting in half
b) taking over a host cell and making copies of itself
c) sexual reproduction
d) it does not reproduce

Antibiotics work by targeting
a) protein synthesis
b) DNA
c) enzyme activity
d) all of the above

Bacteria are
a) Living
b) Non-living

Viruses are
a) Living
b) Non-Living

True or false. If you have the flu (virus), doctors will give you antibiotics to treat the infection.
a) True, because antibiotics kill viruses.
b) False, because antibiotics have no affect on viruses.

Which is LARGER, a bacteria or a virus?
a) Bacteria
b) Virus

Antibiotics are medicine that kill
a) bacteria
b) virus

True or False. Viruses can infect bacteria.
a) False. Viruses are larger than bacteria.
b) True. Viruses are smaller than bacteria and can use bacteria as a host cell.

The use of antibacterial products should be limited because
a) bacterial DNA can mutate
b) the bacteria can become antibacterial resistant
c) it doesn't differentiate between good and bad bacteria
d) all of the above

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