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The work of Descartes and Bacon led to a step by step method of experimentation called
a) The scientific method
b) The logical method
c) The random process
d) The rational method

His book was published after his death
a) Newton
b) Galileo
c) Copernicus
d) Brahe

He discovered gravity
a) Galileo
b) Brahe
c) Newton
d) Copernicus

Geocentric means
a) Earth-Centered
b) Sun-Centered
c) Airborne
d) Waterborne

Heliocentric means
a) Earth-centered
b) Sun-Centered
c) Waterborne
d) Airborne

He had an artificial nose made of gold
a) Copernicus
b) Brahe
c) Kepler
d) Galileo

He improved upon the telescope but did not invent it
a) Copernicus
b) Brahe
c) Kepler
d) Galileo

He was punished with house arrest because his theories went against the catholic church
a) Ptolemy
b) Galileo
c) Kepler
d) Brahe

He made detailed charts of the night sky
a) Tycho Brahe
b) Galileo Galilei
c) Johannes Kepler
d) Isaac Newton

Copernicus believed that the planets orbited in this manner
a) Eliptical orbit
b) Circular orbit
c) Triangular orbit
d) Random orbit

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