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When you are engaged in a guided reading group, what would the teacher NOT do?
a) meet about 20 minutes
b) talk and lead the whole time
c) take anecdotal notes
d) briefly listen to students read and work on individual reading goals

How does guided reading help guide our instruction?
a) by helping us to teach workshop routines
b) by helping us to organize our groups using 20 minute intervals
c) through anecdotal notes, running records, conferring, and observation
d) by making book selection easier

Reader's Response and Writer's Notebooks are effective in the classroom because.....
a) students get to decorate their notebooks
b) it promotes volume reading and writing
c) students may bring their notebooks home for mom or dad to check
d) teachers can grade each notebook with a red pen

A literature discussion group is important because....
a) students are reading at home
b) students are reading as a group each day
c) students are coming together to discuss literature
d) student are filling out a packet about the story

What is an important task for the teacher during small group time?
a) briefly confer with individual students
b) planning centers
c) grading
d) selecting books for tomorrow's lesson

What is the most important part of a strategy group?
a) the teacher meets with 4-5 students
b) students participate in a ....we do
c) the teacher models for 5 minutes
d) students are actively applying a strategy using independent texts

What are the three types of small groups that occur during reading workshop?
a) literature discussion, center groups, writer's club
b) library group, strategy groups, cooperative learning groups
c) test practice group, literature group, math strategy group
d) guided reading, strategy groups, literature discussion groups

How many minutes is a typical mini lesson?
a) 20
b) 30
c) 10
d) 1 hour

What is the next step in a guided reading lesson after Book Introduction?
a) teaching points
b) round robin reading
c) reader response
d) student individually read the text

What are the basic three parts of a reading or writing workshop model?
a) student read, anecdotal notes, conferring with students,
b) mini lesson, small group instruction, sharing
c) read aloud, writer's response, whole group lesson
d) sharing, whole group lesson, centers/Daily 5

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