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Many countries and international organizations are calling for Clean Energy and environmental conservation to combat what problem?
a) Climate Change
b) Vertical Integration
c) Terrorism
d) Demographics

Which is NOT example of Demographics?
a) Make- Up ad in a Women's fashion magazine
b) A Burger King Billboard in Spanish at the corner of Tidwell and Irvington
c) A radio ad for Cowboy boots on a Hip Hop Radio Station
d) Tire Commercial aired during a Real Madrid Match

What was the main reason for damage in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina?
a) 100 mph wind from the Hurricane
b) Massive Rain Fall during the storm
c) Levee failure
d) Massive rioting and looting

Which technological advancement has made business easier, more wide spread, and efficient?
a) The Calculator
b) The Computer
c) Instragram
d) Robot Filing Assistants

Which of the following is an example of Cultural Diffusion
a) A new What-A- Burger opens in Little York Rd
b) The Country Music Awards this year will be on Fox and Country Music Network
c) Walt Disney World can found in L.A., Orlando, Paris, and Toyko
d) The Texans trade J.J. Watt for Tony Romo

Pick the Correct President and Event
a) Obama and The Great Depression
b) Carter and Pearl Harbor Attack
c) FDR and Cuban Missile Crisis
d) Bush and September 11th attacks

What type of workers did Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta help in the fight for rights?
a) African American Workers
b) Migrant Workers
c) Undocumented Workers
d) Underage (child) workers

What was an immediate response to the September 11th attacks by President Bush?
a) Containment of the Communist Threat
b) Free trade with Mexico and Canada
c) War on Terror
d) Congress passes the War Powers Act

He won the 2008 presidential election
a) George W. Bush
b) Hillary Clinton
c) Bill Clinton
d) Barack Obama

This type of vehicle runs off of petroleum and battery power.
a) Hybrid
b) Slab
c) Automatic
d) Compact Fuel

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