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Which of the following will NOT help minimize the risk of a sport-related injury?
a) Knowing your limits
b) Wearing protective gear
c) Ignoring what your body is telling you
d) Warming up and cooling down

Being physically active ____________________.
a) Helps people handle the stress and challenges of everyday life
b) Gives most people low self-esteem
c) Makes it harder for you to concentrate in school
d) Interferes with your being able to think more clearly

How can physical activity benefit your social health?
a) It weakens your ability to resolve conflicts effectively.
b) It can help you meet new people with similar interests
c) It gets in the way of your being able to work with others as a team
d) all of the above

Which of the following is NOT part of good sports nutrition?
a) Eat foods like fruits and vegetables for energy before a game
b) Eat carbohydrates before a game or event
c) Drink plenty of water before and during a game or event
d) Eat foods like candy bars before a game or event

If you have high heart and lung endurance, ___________________
a) You should not engage in the same physical activities as other people
b) You can work and play for long periods without getting so tired that you have to stop
c) You should exercise less than other people.
d) You will not be able to work and play for long periods without getting so tired that you have to stop

Why is it good to have strong core muscles?
a) A strong core lessens the risk of back injury
b) Core muscles can make your heart and lungs stronger
c) Core muscles are a measure of overall fitness
d) A strong core increases upper body strength

A major benefit of aerobic exercise is that it ____________________.
a) Works your heart
b) Uses short bursts of energy
c) Does not make you lungs work hard
d) Is usually done in groups

What does NOT belong on this list of reasons why physical activity is important?
a) It improves your balance
b) It helps you maintain a healthful weight
c) It makes your heart and lungs work more efficiently
d) It makes your bones weaker

What is one benefit of being flexible?
a) It helps you lift things safely and have better balance
b) It gives you more upper body strength
c) It helps you reduce your risk of muscle injury
d) It gives you better body composition

What is the FITT principle?
a) A method for safely increasing aspects of your workout without hurting yourself
b) A method for immediately starting very intense workouts and getting maximum results
c) The belief that nothing is more important than physical fitness
d) The science of exercise and fitness

People who are physically fit ________________________.
a) Have a reserve of energy for the times their bodies need it
b) Tend to have a lifestyle that are less healthful
c) Lack the energy to do the things they want to do
d) Tend to live shorter lives

What can happen if you do not replace the water your body loses when you sweat?
a) You risk hypothermia
b) You will sweat even more
c) You risk dehydration
d) You will stop sweating

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