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What is one reason why the Arab refugees cannot return to their home?
a) Different groups had completing claims over the land in the region
b) The international criminal court issued warrants for suspected war criminals living in the region
c) Ethnic groups competed for the natural resources in that region
d) The United Nations imposed immigration reforms in some countries in the region

Iran's government does not allow women from wearing western/US style clothes; while the French government banned the use of Arabic burqa's/ veils on women. Which reason best explains why both of these governments made their decisions
a) Lawmakers want to limit religious freedom in France
b) Iran's government is against western culture
c) Different cultures perceive their own and other cultures differently
d) There is a global effort to have everybody dress in a similar fashion

The deserts of the Middle East and North Africa are characterized by populations that
a) move to find resources that are thinly dispersed across a vast area
b) work primarily in small cottage industries
c) are nonviolent and practice ancient polytheistic religions
d) organize their society around a matriarch

Independent Arab and Jewish States and the Special International Regime for the City of Jersualem shall come into existence not alter than 1 October 1948. Which of the following occurred in reaction to this resolution
a) Egypt declared war on Israel
b) Lebanon became an independent nation
c) Syria suffered a series of military coups
d) Israel formed an alliance with Jordan

Its people are mainly of Arab Descent The dominant religion is Islam Most people speak the Arabic Langauage To which cultural region do all of thes e statements most likely apply
a) Middle East
b) Sub Saharan Africa
c) South Asia
d) Southeast Asia

The Middle East is considered a single cultural region by most geographers because
a) It has warm dry climate
b) Fertile river valleys
c) It has many deserts and mountain areas
d) Its people share a common history and heritage

What important challenge faces many less developed nations today
a) Due to improved agricultural technology, many farmers have lost their jobs
b) Social welfare programs have reduced military spending
c) High rates of illiteracy and a lack of infrastructure slow the pace of economic developement
d) A high calorie diet causes wide spread obesity and a short life expectacy

Much of the middle east is desert. A study of the population of the middle east would show that most people
a) Live near fresh water supplies
b) Inhabit mountainous areas
c) live in the center of the desert
d) are evenly distributed throughout the region

Israelis and Palestinians disagree over the future status of the city of Jerusalem. Both claim this ancient city, which holds religous significance for Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike. What can geographers infer from this current disagreement
a) Religous leaders are to blame for most current conflicts
b) The location of national borders rarely causes conflict
c) National borders are mainly determined by physical barriers
d) Human processes as well as physical features lead to formation of national boundries

What is the main purpose of the Organization of Petroleum Exportin Countries
a) It provides economic assistance to member countries through loans
b) It controls the gloal distribution of a natural resource
c) It offers military support to threatened member countries
d) It stores reserves of a natural resources

Which geographic feature has been most responsible for the population distribution in the Middle East
a) Abundance of Oil deposits
b) location of water
c) presence of high plateaus
d) availability of natural harbor

The constitution of which country is most directly influenced by the religion of Islam
a) France
b) Slovenia
c) Iran
d) China

The religions of Judaism Christianity, and Islam share a common belief in
a) Nirvana
b) Monotheism
c) Reincarnation
d) Animism

The presence of a mosque in the United States is an example of how a country's culture can be modified through
a) Cultural Assimilation
b) Cultural Divergence
c) Cultural diffusion
d) Cultural imperialism

Which two regions on the map are most often linked because of their common language, religion, and cultural tradition
a) The Sahara Desert and Europe
b) Europe and North Africa
c) North Africa and the Middle East
d) Europe and the Middle East

Two major reasons that Saudi Arabia is important to many people around the world are
a) Its economic equality and large universities
b) its free markets and commercial agriculture
c) its religous sites and oil reserves
d) its armed forces and modern cities

A belief shared by Jews, Christians, and Muslims is that
a) The Koran contains the laws of God
b) The Ten Commandments are the holy word of God
c) Jesus was the Messiah
d) Muhammad was the messenger of God

If a country has a high GDP per capita and a high life expectancy rate what does that mean?
a) They have a high human development index
b) They have a low human development index
c) They have an average human development index
d) They have a low literacy rate

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