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Which document is NOT considered a support document to a report?
a) Agenda
b) End Notes
c) Table of Contents
d) Title Page

What paragraph format is used for works cited?
a) border
b) indent
c) block
d) hanging indent

What components does an agenda have in common with table of contents?
a) Date
b) List of topics
c) Page numbers
d) Time slots

Sam prepared a report on different car companies. Which part of the report lists page numbers for each car company?
a) Table of Contents
b) Title Page
c) Work Cited
d) Report Body

The table of content lists:
a) Bibliography entries
b) Paragraph and side headings
c) Textual citations
d) Works Cited entries

Which part of a Science report will list all of the sources?
a) Table of Contents
b) Title Page
c) Work Cited
d) Report body

Sarah's Social Studies teacher has assigned her to research countries in Europe. What type of document would best summarize fer research?
a) Minutes
b) Agenda
c) Report
d) Table of Contents

Where are page numbers located in a report?
a) Top of the page on the right
b) Top of the page on the left
c) Bottom of the page on the right
d) Bottom of the page on the left

When an academic report has a heading keyed at the top left margin on the first page of the report:
a) A title page is not necessary
b) A title page is still required
c) It is not acceptable to use a heading on page one
d) The title page becomes optional

All entries in a Bibliography/Works Cited are listed:
a) Alphabetically by the author's last name(surname)
b) Alphabetically by the first word
c) Chronologically as they appear in the text
d) Numerically by the publication

What is the spacing in the entire body of a research report?
a) single
b) double
c) triple
d) quadruple

How should the date appear in the heading on page one of a MLA research report?
a) April 1, 2016
b) 4/1/16
c) April One, Two thousand sixteen
d) 1 April 2016

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