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What dynasty made iron weapons, and made trade more effective by using coins
a) Shang
b) Zhou
c) Qin
d) Tang

What dynasty connected towns using roads, invented calligraphy, and used oracle bones
a) Shang
b) Zhou
c) Qin
d) Tang

What other inventions flourish in China
a) the wheel, aqueducts, post and lintel
b) Arches, seismographs, domes
c) roads, wheelbarrows, togas
d) porcelain, painting, calligraphy, poetry

Which Chinese invention would you use to detect earthquakes
a) Seismographs
b) Paper
c) Compass
d) Gunpowder

True or False, China has a writing syst
a) True
b) False

What are the most important inventions in China?
a) woodblock printing and calligraphy
b) calligraphy, silk, kites, noodles, umbrellas, and silk
c) Fireworks, paper, umbrellas, noodles, chopsticks
d) Woodblock printing, paper, compass, gunpowder, silk

The purpose of The Great Wall of China, as originally constructed by the Qin Dynasty, was to
a) prevent immigration
b) prevent foreign invasion
c) show the greatness of the emperor
d) divide the empire into rival states

Paper, porcelain, printing press and navigational compass originated in
a) China
b) England
c) Italy
d) Japan

What dynasty built the Great Wall of China, invented the compass, and had emperor Shihuangdi
a) Shang
b) Zhou
c) Qin
d) Tang

What Dynasty started the Civil Service exam, invented the seismograph, and wheelbarrow?
a) Han
b) Tang
c) Song
d) Ming

Why did Europeans have to get silk from the Chinese
a) The Chinese kept the silk making process a secret
b) The Chinese had the proper climate to grow the silk
c) The worms can only live in China
d) D The Chinese stole the silk from the Koreans

What group of people took over China?
a) Han
b) Tang
c) Mongols
d) Ming

What invention made trade more effective in China; the Indus also had this invention
a) Standard weights and measures
b) Standard writing
c) Coins and wheelbarrows
d) Irrigation and agriculture

What are oracle bones?
a) Bones of animals that had been killed
b) Shells and Bones that were put in a fire and the cracks told the future
c) Fossils that told the future
d) Shells and bones that were used to trade on the silk road

What religion focuses on good morals and ethics
a) Shintoism
b) Confucianism
c) Taoism
d) Buddhism

What religion focuses on balance with nature
a) Confucianism
b) Shintoism
c) Buddhism
d) Taoism

Why did Taoism and Confucianism start?
a) China had poor economics (money)
b) political unrest in China (war)
c) There were no religions in China
d) None of the answers

What two rivers are in China
a) Tiber and Rubicon
b) Nile and the Indus
c) Tigris and Eurphrates
d) None of the answers

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