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Money that someone receives is called __________________
a) Income
b) Savings
c) Interest
d) Credit

A spending and saving plan is called __________________
a) Credit
b) Budget
c) Interest
d) Savings

Helps individuals, families, and businesses figure out how to best use their income.
a) Savings
b) Credit
c) Income
d) Budget

When you spend some money now with the hopes of making more money in the future.
a) Savings
b) Credit
c) Investment
d) Budget

A fee for the use of borrowed money, usually a % of the borrowed money
a) Interest
b) Credit
c) Investing
d) Budget

The ability to borrow money
a) Income
b) Credit
c) Savings
d) Budget

Some people have a good credit score and others have a bad credit score, how does this happen?
a) Your credit score is randomly assigned to you at the age of 18
b) Your credit score is determined by your ability to pay back money in a timely manner that you borrowed
c) Your credit score is only determined by how much money you have in savings
d) Your credit score improves as you get older, no matter what

If you borrow $100,000 at 2% interest how much will you pay back in total.
a) $102,000
b) $120,000
c) $200,000
d) $220,000

When making a budget, which of the following items is considered a want?
a) Medicine
b) Food
c) Shelter
d) Laptop

When making a budget, which of the following items is considered a need?
a) Iphone
b) Clothing
c) High Definition Telivision
d) Car stereo

When you make investments, you are guaranteed to make money of each investment.
a) True
b) False

Credit cards are ____________________
a) a very risky way to get yourself into debt and they should never be used
b) a good way to build credit and get rewards if they are used responsibly

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