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Which document became the basis for later European laws?
a) Hammurabi's Code
b) Justinian's Code
c) Twelve Tables
d) Magna Carta

Each of these were disputes between the Orthodox and Catholic churches except for?
a) icons
b) role of women
c) languages
d) leadership

Onion shaped domes were culturally diffused between which two cultures?
a) Byzantine and Russia
b) Byzantine and Rome
c) Rome and Mongolia
d) Byzantine and Ottoman

The Mongols had which effect on the Russian Empire?
a) Prevented them from becoming Orthodox Christians
b) Prevented Ivan the Great from defeating the Byzantines
c) Helped spread Islam into Europe
d) Isolated them from the rest of Europe

Istanbul is the modern name for Constantinople. What group of people are responsible for this change?
a) Mongols
b) Ottoman Turks
c) Visigoths
d) Carthage

All of the following area Byzantine achievements except which?
a) mosaics
b) Hagia Sophia
c) Colosseum
d) Orthodox Christianity

Codifying Roman Law, building the Hagia Sophia, and reconquering Roman lands are achievements of whom?
a) Ghengis Khan
b) Ivan the Great
c) Constantine
d) Justinian

The capital of the Byzantine Empire was named after which Emperor
a) Constantine
b) Justinian
c) Julius Caesar
d) Ivan the Great

The Great Schism can best be described as which of the following?
a) The split between Russia and Europe
b) The split between East and West Rome
c) The split between the Byzantine Empire
d) The split between the Christian Churches

Which city is described as following: Distant from Germanic invaders, set at a cross road of trade, easily fortified by a peninsula.
a) Moscow
b) Rome
c) Constantinople
d) Sparta

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