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Awkward! You're on an awards show. You're supposed to announce the winner of the Best New Song award. They must have used a lot of glue to seal the envelope. You can't get it open! What does seal mean in the paragraph?
a) an ocean animal
b) a government symbol
c) a specially trained soldier
d) close tightly

The band has a 6:00 a.m. flight to Bangkik. The singer was afraid he'd be late. He arrives right on time, but he looks like he just woke up. His jeans and shirt are very wrinkled. What can you tell about the singer from the clues in the paragraph?
a) He woke up at 6:30.
b) He slept in his clothes.
c) He forgot his toothbrush.
d) He thought hte flight left at 7:00.

The music company has a float in the Rocktober parade. You get to ride on it. The parade winds through city streets for more than three hours. That's a lot of smiling and waving! Which meaning of float is used in the paragraph?
a) a dock for swimmers
b) a soda drink with ice cream
c) a decorated platform on a vehicle
d) the opposite of sink

Choose the correctly spelled word.
a) autumn
b) Wenesday
c) Thurday
d) Deceber

Last year, _____ were twelve people on the team. Which word makes the sentence correct?
a) they're
b) their
c) there
d) they are

The cat comes out of hiding as soon as the lights go out. It runs across the bookcases. It leaps from shelf to shelf. When the cat is tired, it goes to its usual resting place. It jumps down from a shelf and finds its spot ___ the big, oak table.
a) beyond
b) inside
c) under
d) outside

Jamel went into the kitchen to find something to eat. He saw a sandwich and a pickle on a plate. Jamel thought he might eat the sandwich. Then he remembered something. His dad was the only one in the family who liked pickles. Jamel carried the p
a) Jamel wants the sandwich but takes it out to his dad.
b) Jamel looks in the kitchen to find something to eat.
c) Jamel wants the sandwich but doesn’t like the pickle.
d) all the above

Lucía frowned at all the books scattered around her room. She picked them up, and then she arranged them on her shelf. That's better, she said. What does arranged mean?
a) ordered
b) removed
c) counted
d) answer not given

You don’t have to be a kid to draw for fun. Drawing is something grown-ups can enjoy too. All you need is some paper and something to draw with. Don’t worry about drawing something fancy. Just draw what comes to your mind. Who would like this wri
a) a person who likes making art
b) a person who likes fancy painting
c) a person who likes books with pictures
d) a person who likes to sell painting

Sunflowers have large, round heads. A sunflower head looks like one large flower. It is really made up of many tiny flowers. Each flower turns into a sunflower seed. What happens to the tiny flowers on a sunflower head?
a) They grow into one large flower.
b) They turn into sunflower seeds.
c) They close when the flower grows.
d) all of the above

Which does the word armful mean?
a) as much as the arms can carry
b) one who works with his arms
c) something that looks like arms
d) Answer not given

A shark never runs out of teeth. If a shark loses a tooth, another tooth takes its place. During its life, a shark grows thousands of teeth! Which tells about the paragraph?
a) It tries to get you to buy a shark book.
b) It explains true things about sharks.
c) It tells you a story about a shark.

The video for Riding a Unicycle has started a dance craze. On dance floors everywhere, kids pedal their feet and wave their arms wildly. Then they tip over! In the word bicycle, bi- means 'two'. In the word unicycle, what does uni- mean?
a) none
b) one
c) three
d) four

The video for 'Ocean of Emotion' was sot on board a yacht. Everyting started out fine. Then the drummer got seasick and the singer fell overboard. Good things he's a strong swimmer! A yacht is a type of what?
a) train
b) boat
c) stage
d) sickness

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